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Lifeline Semi AED (Semi Automatic)

The original award-winning Defibtech AED, the Lifeline Semi-Automatic is easy to use with only 2 buttons and the only 7 year battery available in the world. It also comes standard with an 8 year Warranty.


Life Survival Training  supplies a comprehensive range of First Aid kits and equipment.

This range will enable all our customers to have a "National One Stop Supplier" for their First Aid & Safety, Rescue & Emergency and Medical Supplies Australia wide.

email info@lifesurvival.com.au for advice and prices and the type of  first aid kit required under State Regulations for your company.

We also carry a large range of general first aid kits including FARM AND OUTDOOR, SNAKE BITE, VEHICLE, kits for  HOME and all INDUSTRIAL KITS. We also offer a restock service.

For information on what kit is right for your worksite or home use, Email us or Phone direct to our State managers;

Russell  - 0439 264 271 - all states

Terry - 0408 293 807 -  NSW

John -  0429 084 256 - ACT


Our Number One seller to remote work sites and outdoor  events

This kit has everything. Give us a call for full information and price.

National Remote Area WRK 9 / Soft Pack

For Remote Locations with 25-100 persons.

As there is an increased risk of serious injury when work is performed in remote locations (due to potential delays in getting access to emergency and ambulance departments) it is essential to ensure you are well prepared with this comprehensive kit.

Quality hospital grade contents provide effective response to a wide range of emergencies.

Compartmentalised contents for easy locating in that dreaded emergency.

Large comfortable carry straps for excellent portability.

Dimensions: 500mm (W) x 300mm (H) x 300mm (D)



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In a survival situation it is important that expert advice be sort from authorities such as Police, SES, Fire Brigade and other local emergency services. The courses are for educational purposes designed to give familiarisation in a variety of survival situations only.

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