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Life Survival Event Medic, Paramedic, Nurses and First Aid Services


For all bookings in NSW, ACT, QLD and VIC Contact; 

Operations - 0439264271


   Emergency Recovery Vehicles, fully equiped ambulance and                Medics On Bikes 











Lifeguard Medic Crew Triathlon Orange 
* Triathlon Specialists
* Industry Services
* Mining Services
* First Aid for Event Services
* Extreme Sports Activities
* BMX and Motor Cross events
* Film and Television
* Shopping Centre Pre-hospital Emergency Services
* Private Functions
* Motor Racing

* Aquatic Medic Lifeguards

LIFESURVIVAL_MEDICSAt Life Survival Training and Medic Services we have available for your Company, Venue, Club, Sporting, Remote Area Mining Site, Entertainment or Private function, Professional registered and qualified Medics First Aiders and Reg. Nurses. We can operate independently at your function, or work in collaboration with volunteer first aid organisations and/or emergency services.

Our Medics undergo Child Protection courses and Police checks for working with Children.

All Medics are qualified and accredited by PAEIMA.

Also, at Life Survival Training, our Medics have professional indemnity and public liability insurance.


Why use Life Survival Training for your event first aid and medical services?

  • Guaranteed minimum qualifications.  Higher level of qualifications available depending on event.
  • Protocols and Pharmacology signed by our Medical Director
  • Code of Conduct
  • Wide level of experience including national races, mining, remote area and mobile medical requirements.
  • Independently registered and monitored EMTs.  No  unchecked credentials.
  • Fully insured (for professional indemnity and public liability) medics.
  • Our medics use nationally compliant first aid kits (compliant to the Therapeutic Goods Administration).

Minimum qualifications include;

  1. Advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  2. Advanced and remote area first aid.
  3. Cardiac defibrillation
  4. Patient handling and lifting
  5. Use of body boards and spinal immobilisation
  6. Management of anaphylaxis and asthma
  7. Oxygen resuscitation
  8. Peripheral Intravenous Access and Emergency Fluid Resuscitation  
  9. Advanced pain management
  10. Wound Closure by Primary Intention
  11. Transport
  12. Bronze medallion Lifeguards (RLSSA)
  13. Accredited PAEIMA Medics 




Our Medics in Action









left, Captain Russell Setright, USCG Hawaii animal_medic



Bear Grylls Challenge Nova FM (scorpion bite)






LST Medics on Oil Rig Site.







Below right, Capt Setright aboard USCGC Munro 724, Coast Guard Island, San Francisco


Call use now for information and quotations.


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Russell   0439264271   Operations in all states of Australia

Kerri   0420732438 
email, info@lifesurvival.com.au

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In a survival situation it is important that expert advice be sort from authorities such as Police, SES, Fire Brigade and other local emergency services. The courses are for educational purposes designed to give familiarisation in a variety of survival situations only.

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